How to edit a vector file from Design Space?

First of all, to be able to edit a vector file, it’s essential you have vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator, that will allow you to visualize and manipulate any file you download from Design Space.

All Design Space files are organized in exactly the same way, so that when you open them, everything is neat and tidy and ready for you to edit easily.

Generally, the file contains two layers:

-A background layer. This is where we put the color or the background texture. It’s usually locked so it doesn’t interfere with the editing of the other elements. To unlock it, just click on the padlock symbol in front of the layer’s name.

If you want to adjust the color of this layer, just select the background object and change the fill color.

-A layer called ‘Objects’.  This is where you can find the elements that make up the Illustration. These elements will be grouped to make it easier to select them. If you want to edit or move a particular object, you first need to ungroup by going to Object > Ungroup, or use the Direct Selection tool (shortcut A).

From now on, if you want to change a shape or edit a path, you have to select its anchor points, with the Direct Selection tool (A).  You can also transform the objects using the specific tools your editing software offers, such as move, rotate, reflect, distort, etc.

The text that that appears in many of Design Space’s images won’t be available as a font. If you want to edit the text of the image you’ve downloaded, you need to download the font from the .txt file you’ll find in file.

This document contains a link that will redirect you to the page where you can download the font. If you’d rather use a different font, you could use a site like font squirrel, which has lots of fonts available to download for free.