TV Wall Design – Black and White Wavy Strips


A suitable and standard design for living room or sitting room TV wall is a standard thing to be done in priority when it comes to design your house. Very few people I saw in my entire designing career who rejects combination of Black and White colors, but when it comes to apply non-matte or glossy paint in interiors, very few clients I found who agreed with me, because no one likes too many reflections on the wall when watching TV or sitting in living room for some comfort or enjoy cup of coffee.

Reflections can be made from materials like acrylic and glass as well as from glossy paint, but there’s difference in the reflection intensity depends upon the surface and make of the material.

Addition of wavy black strips to white reflected walls puts some attractive decoration to the whole living room and client approves the design even he added to put the wavy strips to the ceiling as well. Which means he liked the design so much. And it gives you some inner satisfaction when client approves your design.

We have faced some difficulties in the process of implementation of the design on the site. Because the design changed from they way it looks like in the scene above. Client requested to add concealed lights to the edges of these black wavy strips on the wall. Concealed lights requires almost 20cm of additional space from the wall (10cm for the concealed light and 10cm for the light to spread across) which changed almost the whole design because the width has been changed which effected the ceiling design to be modified as well.


Hanging that chandelier from the ceiling was another challenge in implementation of the design, but at the end we made it successfully. Same like that, placement of LED lights in the ceiling was a challenging thing but you found a solution to every problem when you are very focused and having skilled and expert designers in your team.



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