Cool colours of summer

What to wear on Beach...
What to wear on Beach...

Summer brings some very fine combination of colours every year. 2018 summer is so much trendy and very much popular when it comes to the colour combinations and dinner designs. Yellow pop-up colour over hot red and pinkish over green pattern is the most trendy to be fair.

Red skirts and Yellow top
Red skirts and Yellow top

Here we are discussing only trendy designs and is colours like shoes designs, costumes and garments.
We saw people wearing green tops over white shorts since decades and is very cool trend to be honest but now it’s time to bring some change into that old fashion and people started wearing vibrant and vivid colours in open areas like in Streets and on beaches.

What to wear on Beach...
What to wear on Beach…

Having said that, we saw people wearing odd colour shoes in winter last year, and most of the celebrities who wear those trendy fashion shoes becomes more popular in the headlines and remains in the top stories for long time.

For those who are looking for some cool ideas this summer, try look into our suggested cool hairstyles and much more.


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