5 Cool Summer Hairstyles

Lucy Hale - Source: Getty Images
Lucy Hale - Source: Getty Images
The design of the hair is actually the tricky part. There are lots of styles and cuts to select from. Some hints that will help you choose the best hair style are that shorter cuts cause you to  look young. Bangs could also assist you to look young. It hides big and wide foreheads and accentuates eyes making them look bigger. Shoulder length hair also can soften faces. Summer 2018 trends are flirty, playful, and youthful.
Cool Summer Hairstyles

One of the best summer hairstyles are fun, sexy and manageable. Summer is time when everybody wants to vary their hairstyles and avoid feeling hot and sticky and still look great. Listed here are some summer hairstyles which are in vogue. Choose one which plays up your best features and still causes you to feel cool.

Sleek and Straight Kim Kardashian West (Top on RedBook Magazine)

You need to be ready every moment when you are a celebrity like Kim Kardashian West. Every morning, getting ready for shoots, for Instagram selfies or for other social posts, you must choose an effortless hairstyle that still looks pretty.

Kim Kardashian West. Source: Getty Images

The key is a reliable, high-powered straightener. Bonus tip: A 1-inch flat iron allows you to get closer to your roots to achieve a pin-straight look. Make sure to spray on some heat protective spray, so your hair is safe from damage.

Pinned Back – Gigi Hadid 

If you are tired of dealing with sweaty and flyaway hairs or falling down on your face, your hairs may be needed Gigi’s style this summer.

Gigi Hadid hairstyle - source: Getty Images
Gigi Hadid hairstyle – source: Getty Images

Place clips and pin both sides and yes, you can use any colorful pins to play with colors and combination of your overall party theme you are planning to attend. Give it a try – You will love it.


It looks like Lucy Hale is wearing a sleek pony from the front, but when she turns around, there’s a party going on in the back. If you’re sick of regular ponytails, try braiding a mohawk down the center of your head, then tightly secure everything with a hair tie.

Lucy Hale - Source: Getty Images
Lucy Hale – Source: Getty Images

Don’t be afraid to rock a more natural style this summer by taking full advantage of your natural curls. To keep the heat from ruining your look, work some mousse into your hair, scrunching your curls as you go.

Kat Graham - source: Getty Images
Kat Graham – source: Getty Images

Ready for a simple style that will only take a few minutes to do? Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, then create some soft waves with a 1½-inch curling wand à la Shay Mitchell.

SHAY MITCHELL - source: Getty Images
SHAY MITCHELL – source: Getty Images

What You’ll Need: Remington Pro ½-1” Curling Wand


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